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Shopping in Santa Fe

Santa Fe's downtown area has many fun shops, art galleries and boutiques that are worth exploring. Here's a brief visitor's guide that can help tourists enjoy the many fun shopping districts in Santa Fe.

Tourists who enjoy handmade jewelry will absolutely love the Santa Fe Plaza area.
Affectionately known as "the Plaza", it's located not too far from the Downtown Transit Station on 100 Old Santa Fe Trail. It's open every day from 6 AM to 8 PM. It also features over 80 square acres of walking and shopping space that is a shopper's delight. Some of the vendors that call the Plaza area home include local art dealers, boutique shops, and several souvenir stores.

Furthermore, the Plaza is also the home to several local Native American jewelers who sell their hand-made jewelry items on blankets. Many well-known jewelers from each of New Mexico's 24 tribes come here each week to sell hand-made turquoise and sterling silver jewelry at very affordable prices.

Finally, the Plaza is also home to the annual Santa Fe Indian Market and to the Spanish Market. As a result, no trip to the Santa Fe area is complete without a visit to the Plaza area!

Tourists might also enjoy visiting Gallery Row for good deals on artwork and antiques.
It's located near the Plaza and St. Francis Cathedral on Canyon road. As its name implies, Gallery Row features several local and regional art dealers who sell 20th century and contemporary paintings, pottery and sculptures. There are also a few shops sprinkled in that sell antiques from around the world. Fans of Georgia O'Keefe's work will especially enjoy visiting here to see some of her later works that are sometimes put up for sale.

Finally, don't forget to also visit DeVargas Mall.
It's New Mexico's biggest mall. Visitors can take local bus Route 5 to get here. It's located on Guadalupe Trail and Paseo de Peralta in the northern most part of town. It's open Monday-Saturday from about 10 AM-7 PM and on Sundays from 12 noon- 5 PM. It features several department stores and local merchants who sell moderately priced clothes, accessories and home furnishings. It also has a nice open courtyard that features souvenir shops and modestly priced food items.

As you can see, Santa Fe has many shopping options that are lots of fun to explore. Why not explore them the next time you’re in Santa Fe?

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