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Getting Around Santa Fe

The public transportation system near downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico is modern and easy to use. It uses local bus service and the New Mexico Department of Transportation's Rail Runner Express train service to get people to and from Santa Fe's hotels, restaurants and other attractions.

Here's a brief guide about Santa Fe's public transportation system that can help people enjoy all that Santa Fe has to offer without using their cars.

Santa Fe's bus system features eight routes that stop at the State Capital, the Palace of the Governors, the Plaza area and other attractions.
These routes run from 8 AM till 10 PM during the week and from about 10 AM- 4 PM on Saturdays. Furthermore, buses usually won't run during major holidays.

Most routes make stops at the State Capital, the Plaza, the Downtown Transit Center and DeVargas Mall. However, the Route Two Cerrillos Road bus and the Route 5 Crosstown bus will also makes stops along St.Michael’s Drive, St.Francis Drive, and Cerrillos Road.

These three streets are close to the downtown area. They also are Santa Fe's major hotel, shopping and dining hubs. As a result, most travelers can use these two routes to get to most of Santa Fe's major destinations along these streets.

Furthermore, the New Mexico Rail Runner has four stops that serve the Downtown Santa Fe area.
Since most visitors to Santa Fe will come up from Albuquerque to visit, here is some information about the Rail Runner stops that serve the Santa Fe area.

One of these stops is located at the Downtown Transit Center to help passengers make bus connections. It's located on Plaza Drive and Sheridan Street about 2 blocks away from the Plaza and Jewelry Row.

The other three stops are located about half a mile apart. One of them is near the State Capital. It is close to several restaurants located on West Alameda Street.

The other two are located near the northern part of the City Different and also near the State Capital. The Zia Road Station is close to a residential neighborhood and to several shops and restaurants. The South Capital Station lets passengers walk to the Capital building and to several restaurants and art galleries. The South Capital Station also has features many restaurants that serve southwestern cuisine and shops that sell souvenirs.

Trains stop at these stations seven days a week. During the week, the run from 6 AM to 11:30 AM and again from 4:00-11:00 pm. On weekends, there are only four trains that run to and from the Santa Fe area. Two of them run to Santa Fe in the morning at 9 AM and 11 AM. The other two leave for Albuquerque at 3 PM and 8 PM.

Finally, Passengers may purchase their bus fares when they board. They may also purchase tickets for the Rail Runner online or when they board the train.
If you purchase your fare in person, please have exact change ready to make the process easier.

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