Should You Work Or Take Vacations?

In an effort to conserve our finite resources, many of us have been tempted to short-change our vacations by returning to work within the same week every year. While a short break is beneficial in itself, there are other benefits to planning a work vacation instead of a more traditional vacation. Travel is a great escape and allows people to experience different areas of the world that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to explore. Many people choose to take a workstation or travel retreat, which allows them to spend time at the beach, on a tropical island, or skiing in the Swiss Alps. A combination of working out in a gym, networking with business associates, and spending time at a spa are common methods of creating a balance between work and pleasure.

  • Try Work Vacation¬†

Work vacations are becoming more common, which may be good news for those who need a little bit of a break. The most obvious benefit of taking a vacation is that you are getting some downtime from work. There is no doubt that the stress of a hectic workday can take its toll on your body. In addition to having more fun than at home, you will also find that you are more energized and alert to problems around you. The combination of the focus and relaxation that traveling offers cannot be overlooked when discussing the benefits of working vacations.

  • Benefits of Taking A Vacation

While there are many ways that a vacation can help your mental and physical health, the one benefit that is often overlooked is that it will provide you with a chance to spend some quality time with friends or family. In fact, people who go on annual vacations or work vacations rarely make contact with the people who are actually living on their property. Since most of us only take one vacation a year, this is usually a major bonus.

  • Consider The Consequences of Your Actions

If you do decide to take a vacation, you may want to take some time and determine whether or not it will interfere with your work life. In order to determine whether your work schedule will be affected, you will need to look at the amount of free time that you typically have. A good rule of thumb is that your free time should not be longer than fourteen hours. This might be easier said than done for those who have very flexible work schedules, since some weekends are taken up by school or other activities. However, even those whose work hours are very flexible may find that their free time does not allow them to devote it to their family fully.

Parting Shot

Regardless of how you look at it, you should know that taking a vacation or working may affect each of your personal relationships. For instance, those whose vacations are very frequently but not always affordable may begin to feel distant from their families. Even if you have very little free time, if you are not spending it with those whom you love, you will likely feel less close or loved by those closest to you.